I built something. Ok, well I made a thing. Two weeks ago I made a video. And coffee. And I really enjoyed it – so I figured why not write my first real post about it.

It all started with me seeing this post with an Ice Brew recipe on Instagram

I had heard about Ice Brew before but had forgotten about it. You brew your coffee with hot water as usual but inside your pot is a layer of icecubes which let the coffee cool down immediately. And as it is one of the first sunny days of the year I have to try it.

So I set up a camera in the backyard and write a short list of shots I want to take. Surprisingly this takes a lot more brainpower than I had anticipated.

I climb up the attic and gather a camping kettle and a gas stove because they look way cooler than an electric water boiler. Having all the tools at hand I start shooting the scenes.

At first I shoot grinding the coffee beans.
Then a short clip of turning on the stove.
Then a clip of the putting the kettle onto the stove.
Then a closeup of the water beginning to cook.

I start to notice how much work you can put into videos and realise how demanding this must be for series or even movies.

After spending two hours shooting everything (and drinking all the delicious Ice Brew faster than what was good for me) I begin to assemble the short clips into one continuous video. For this task I use Final Cut Pro X with which I had already played around before.

I start with a four minute long video after chaining all the clips together. But as I wanted to post it to Instagram I begin cutting it down. 1 minute and 30 seconds. Quite good but I want to go shorter. I cut the first four scenes to shorter than a second each and the following five ones to only 1.2 seconds each. In the end I get the video to exactly 30 seconds by drastically shortening most of the scenes, speeding up some others and even removing a few.

After adjusting the audio volume to a similar level for all the scenes the video is finished. And I’m happy.

Here’s the result which I’m pretty proud of

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Now I’m looking for ideas for the next one…